Second Sleep

I’ve been up and at em’ this week at 6:15 a.m. to walk for 30 minutes with a friend. Turns out our church property, when walked just right is a solid 1/2 mile. Who knew? Google Earth knew, that’s who, and was kind enough to share distances with us when we asked. A good solid 30 minute walk each day and beginning this week at 6:30am every morning has been wonderful. However, while yours truly is many things, a morning person she is not.

Monday and Tuesday were awesome days…I felt good, came in the house, showered and got to my devotions early. Kept going all day…got much done. Wednesday I laid down “just for a few minutes” after showering and devotioning, then rested a bit longer than I expected. No big deal though.

Thursday. Well, that’s today. And today I fully intended on participating in what’s known around The Parsonage as Second Sleep. 

Today I walked for 30 minutes as usual. After coming back inside, enjoying a nice hot shower, giving a “Good Morning Daisy” pat on the head to Her Majesty Daisy, I had full intentions of going back to bed. I was laying down for five minutes when HMD let me know she had other intentions and very quickly found herself sitting beside the bed, eye level with me and staring.


If there is one sound that is equivalent to nails on a chalk board at 7:15 a.m. when you’re already tired and trying to sleep it is that of a dog whining in your face.

I was pretty sure I could fake her out, so I fake slept and turned to the other side of the bed, sure she would forget about whatever it was she was thinking about. (Jeremy was up and about already…I was fighting the fight alone). D was not to be fooled. Once again I was face to face with a large black dog who had walked around the bed and was staring me down, whining even louder. Fake sleep was not convincing her of anything except my poor acting abilities.

I gave in, got out of bed, and stumbled out of the room and down the hall. Jeremy was reading on the deck and I quickly and heartily sent her his way.

I figured I would do my devotions since I was up, keep my morning schedule and be like every other responsible adult in the world and just start my day.

My devotional book lately is called Resting in Him: I need to slow down but I can’t!. It’s a Women of Faith resource that I’ve had sitting on my desk for about 3 years. (there’s irony in there somewhere) Two things to know: 1. My heart has been drawn to the need for Sabbath lately (3 months-ish). It’s been on my mind, in sermons I’ve heard, magazine articles I’ve read…basically all around me. 2. This book is also about rest. About taking time to rest for benefit of our bodies, our spirits, our time, our families. About not overwhelming and overworking ourselves on a constant basis before crashing. ahem…

At 7:30 I sat on the end of the couch, pulled a blanket up around me, just to be cozy you know, placed my glasses on the top of the couch only so that I could read my book (doctor says I’ll need bifocals in a few years….). I placed my book and bible on my lap, with my pen, and laid down ONLY to be comfortable.

Now, you should know that our couch is exactly like a cloud….it sucks you in and makes you feel all warm and cozy. It wraps its arms around you and takes away all the worries and sleepies of the day.

I got to page 2 of my devotions and woke up at 10:30.

Second Sleep.


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  1. I absolutely love this post! “Second sleep” how i miss second sleep. Today i had to fight to get up and going as well. Seemed like i was just draggging and have been dragging all day.even now, as i sit at home with a headache, i have a bunch of stuff to get done, and no umph to do anything.. *sigh* soon however, the pulls of being a responsible adult shall move me to action….but for now, i sit. 🙂


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