My Weekly Organizing Hack

Sunday nights around The Parsonage are typically pretty quiet around here unless we have a church gathering like this one last October. Once per month from Memorial Day through October we host our church here at the house. Everyone brings a dish or two to share and we sit and talk and visit and eat. It’s 100% fun.

Otherwise, though, we kind of shut off until Monday morning. Naps, junk food, more naps, a lot of tv and naps are our general schedule.

Sunday nights also includes some time for me to sit and plan the next week’s meals, schedules, coupons, errand trips, and bills.

For as many different types of people and households there are, there are just as many ways to plan a week. I have found this way, though, to be the simplest way for me to organize my week.

Items needed? One large business letter sized envelope and a pen or pencil, plus whatever coupons you need for the week.

What to do? On the outside of envelope I write the menu plan, the schedule, bills and a brief overview of the budget, to do list, errands to run/things to buy, what items to buy at what store with coupon or sale noted next to it, whatever cash will be needed for the week (I need this every. week. despite the fact that I get the same amount every. week.)



Then I look through the weekly flyers and cut coupons according to what we will need and use, clipping them together according to the store I’ll use them in.


I use the envelope to keep the coupons and a writing utensil in to take with me to the store. This envelope stays with me through the week, in the car or my purse. Items get checked off as they are purchased or completed.


Let us know what your simple organizing hacks are in the comments! Happy Planning!


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