Bob’s Red Mill GF Muffins

Bob’s Red Mill sent me this GF Muffin Mix, along with a GF Pizza Crust Mix. The pizza crust we’ve had before, but this muffin mix is a newer product and definitely new to us. Just like the pizza crust, this muffin mix was easy peasey to make. Milk, oil, eggs and a good mixing was all it needed. The batter was fluffy and moist. The mix bag itself gives some ideas for add-ins…cranberry orange, blueberry lemon, and pineapple coconut are just a few of the options. BUT …. knowing my family and having sleepover kiddos here at the house I just went with the basic chocolate chip and blueberry. (Not together. My kids wouldn’t have eaten it.) Half of the batter became blueberry muffins and half became chocolate chip muffins.

We’ve tried other brands of GF muffin mixes. All of them good, but this one has been our favorite so far.

So I made these this morning..all proud of myself for feeding my family and guests warm muffins straight from the oven. When I took them outside to photograph (my kitchen doesn’t have stellar lighting for photos) my camera decided to FREAK out and it lost all of it’s composer, forgetting that summer does exist and that sometimes it HAS to go outside and it can’t ALWAYS stay in the nice cool air conditioner. It cried, fogging over at the amount of heat it had to endure and left me with steamed up pictures. It’s now back in the house, in the AC that it loves resting on the table. All is well with the world.

Don’t forget that on Monday Bob’s Red Mill and The Smallwoods will be hosting a giveaway of one gift package including one muffin mix and one pizza crust mix. Check back for details! DSC_0792DSC_0789


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