Thriftbooks-Great for Back to School Needs

Thriftbooks is an company that sells used books online. They keep books from rotting in landfills. I buy most of my books from there and have saved so much money. They have all kinds of books on Thriftbooks. Here are 10 reasons I love Thriftbooks:

  1. Over 7 million books in stock, everything from children’s books to adult books to textbooks.
  2. Most are less than 4.00$
  3. Free shipping in orders over 10.00$. They will send it right away.
  4. 15% off your first order
  5. If books have a deal tag on them, they are 2 for 7$, 3 for 10$, or 4 for 12$.
  6. If you’re a ReadingRewards member, when you spend 50$, you’ll get a 5$ coupon.
  7. They have a Tell-a-Friend program. If you tell a friend through your account and that friend orders something within 2 weeks, they get 15% off for their first order, and you get 15% off your next order. If your a ReadingRewards member, you get 20% off that order.
  8. If you want a book that is out of stock, they will send an email when they receive a copy.
  9. They have a Teacher and Educator discount-15% off all class sets.
  10. They also offer giftcards that you can send to someone.

If you are interested in shopping on Thriftbooks, please use this link and I will get further credit on buying more books! Thanks!

Check here to see the bookshelf that my dad built me for my birthday.

Have fun!-Anna



One comment

  1. im ordering some books right now!! Dont you worry,. im using your link, and the 15% percent off they game me. Like a Anna once said, ” they give you a deal and you just end up getting more and more to get the better deal.” I think shes right cause i got loads in my card. Here i go *commando boots on and my bible*. Going to try to tame my impulses……


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