Casco Bay Mailboat Tour, Maine

In June we celebrated Kaityln’s birthday at home with a small get together, but on her actual birthday we were in Maine visiting my family. When asked how she wanted to celebrate she decided on going to the coast and from there pared it down to an afternoon cruise. My mom, being the master of all things to do in Maine, knew a perfect option-The Casco Bay Mailboat Tour.  With prices at 16$ per adult, 14$ for seniors and 8$ for children you really can’t beat it for an afternoon on the ocean. What I loved about it-the length of the tour-2.5 to 3 hours depending on the amount of mail needing to be delivered to the islands; dogs are allowed; viewing the island homes; watching seals swim; seeing the birds resting on rocks; meeting new people; being able to disembark from the boat and visit islands; watching the crew deliver mail by way of huge cranes and pallets; the Maine coast. This is something that I had never done before but it was so worth going. Were were able to visit two of the islands-one had a small store on it that “may or may not be open” but thankfully it was on this particular day, and the other island still used dirt roads and sold amazing Blueberry Maple Pancake ice cream. Straight out of a book. I took so many pictures that I couldn’t possibly put them all here, but chose a few faves. Enjoy.

The islands of Casco Bay, Maine.



Island #1
Island #2-Cliff Island




If you look closely on the tip of this boat there is a black spot…it was a dog, who appeared to be living life to the fullest.



We spent a couple of hours in Portland too..Here are some pictures of the Old Port, the building my Great Grandfather worked in in the early 1900’s, the Love Locks, and Daisy’s treat.





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