Stuffed Zucchini

Summer is always time for Stuffed Zucchini around The Parsonage. We eat it a lot during the hot months when everyone’s garden seems to be producing zucchini by the hour. The two zucchini I used for stuffing for this meal were ginourmous-they fed four of us for two meals each. I also used a smaller one for vegetarian version for my mom and it lasted for two meals for her as well.

On making this recipe and thinking about putting it on the blog I realized that I use this filling for a lot of things-Stuffed Peppers, Easy Weeknight Casserole, Stuffed Zucchini and even a version of it for Easy Homemade Chili. Hamburger, onions, peppers, rice and tomato sauce topped with cheese are the basic ingredients. I’m going to list the how-to for this recipe, but the filling is useful for so many others things.


2 very large zucchini

2 lbs hamburger, cooked well*

3-4 peppers, choppped

1-2 large onions, chopped

4 cups Cooked long grain rice OR cooked or 2 cups uncooked minute rice

2 jars or 1 large jar spaghetti sauce

Cheese.Lots and lots of cheese.

*for vegetarian version remove meat and add more rice

To Do:

  1. Slice zucchini down the middle lengthwise, remove seeds to make a “bowl” in the zucchini center.
  2. Cook hamburg, onions, and peppers together until well done.
  3. In large bowl mix cooked hamburg, onions and peppers with rice and all of the spaghetti sauce. Mix well.
  4. By the spoonful fill the “bowl” in the zucchini center to overflowing.
  5. Top with cheese. Lots and lots of cheese.
  6. Bake at 350 until cheese is melted and zucchini is fork tender. 20-30 minutes.







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