Cranberry Jelly-Recipe


Cranberry Jelly is an easy, quick recipe that makes my 14 year old happy and only requires three ingredients-Cranberry Juice,sugar and Sure Jell. The flavor is a gentle, pleasant cranberry taste. I use store bought 100% Cranberry Juice. From start to finish this takes about 30 minutes to make and process (with 24 hands off hours  for cooling and sealing). I process the jam in a basic water bath for 10 minutes and let it cool for 24 hours.  The recipe below fills 11- 8 oz jelly jars.


5 cups Cranberry Juice

7 cups white sugar

1 single package Sure Jell

1 tbsp real butter, optional (adding a tbsp of butter to jellies and jams brings the foam down)

To Do: 

  1. In a large stainless steel kettle add cranberry juice and package of Sure Jell. Bring to a rolling boil* for 1 minute.
  2. When rolling boil happens add sugar. Mix well.
  3. Allow mixture to boil, stirring frequently, until it comes to another rolling boil. If adding butter to reduce foam, add it now.
  4. Stir continuously for 1- 1 1/2 minutes.
  5. Remove kettle from heat and fill room temperature canning jars.
  6. Seal and process in a water bath for 10 (boiling) minutes. Or let it cool and eat with a spoon. Either way.
  7. Remove from canner and allow to cool for 24 hours before removing ring.

*rolling boil means that the mixture will continue to bubble/boil even while stirred.

The other jars you see in the background of the above picture are Cantaloupe (Melon) Jam and Blueberry-Lemon Jam-both from The All New Book of Canning and Preserving. The Cranberry Jam recipe is based on other jelly recipes in the Sure Jell directions page and I substituted store bought Cranberry Juice for this recipe.


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