Ball Brand Giveaway Winner and other Todayish Things.

First thing first–Our Winner for our Ball Brand giveaway package of one copy of The All New Ball Book of Canning and Preserving and a $5.00 coupon to be used on is Melanie who wrote: I have, long long ago,tasted a chili pepper peach jam that was mindblowing! The spice, the sweetness, a totally unique and delicious combo.  Melanie–you’re gift from Ball will be sent within 30 days! Have fun!

Thank you to the others who participated in our first giveaway! Wild Black Raspberry and Elderberry both sound like they might hit The Parsonage kitchen this summer!

Second: Today.

Today The Parsonage Kitchen is cooking up another batch of Blueberry-Lemon Jam, a batch of Cantaloupe Jam (another goodie from The All New Ball Book of Canning and Preserving), and a batch of Cranberry Jelly (recipe to come).


Today a planned on picnic lunch has been postponed several times due to 1. impending rain storms that don’t seem to be developing and 2. I didn’t read the directions for the Cantaloupe Jam and didn’t realize it would take close to two hours to make-thus impeding on our picnic time and 3. Because Kaitlyn is waiting for a book delivery that we missed on Friday and she must have today in order to survive the rest of the week. We had a picnic around the dining room table instead.

Today we are cleaning up from a church gathering at our house last night with 40-50ish of our closest friends.

Today my dog thinks she’s starving and needs every bit of food that everyone in the house is eating.

Today laundry has taken over the bedroom. Please send help.

Today Anna is killing me at 500 Rummey.

Today I started my day with this devotional that made me remember my role as a mom.

Today I scheduled and sealed in stone Anna’s first semester of classes in high school.

Today I have sage, chili peppers, chamomile, oregano, thyme, rosemary, chives, celery leaf and parsley drying from the window.

Oooo! The rain just came..hopefully the thunder and lightening will soon follow!


Have a fun day today!




  1. Are you serious?!!! I won?!!! Im jumping up and down, doing a jig…Oops almost stepped on the cat. I live all your Today comments. :):) so glad i subscribe to this blog. Very enjoyable if i may say so.


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