Meal Plan July 17-23


Breakfast-bacon and eggs


Dinner– every man for himself


Breakfast-pancakes and bacon


Dinner-Chicken on the grill, Smashed Potatoes and Cucumber Onion Salad


Breakfast-I have zero ideas of eating breakfast….like I don’t even know if we did. 🙂

Lunch-we all went our separate ways for lunch today

DinnerCheese and Mushroom Risotto and Bacon and Kale


Breakfast-cereal or oatmeal

Lunch– out to eat with my parents

Dinner– homemade gluten free pizza


Brunch-bluberry or choc. chip pancakes

Early Dinner-stuffed zuchinni

Late Snack-Cereal man. We ate cereal. We rocked the corn flakes.


We spent the day in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia with my parents which meant granola bars and fruit in the car, a stop along the way for coffee or cold drinks, sandwiches and blueberries along the shores of the Shenendoah River, ice cream at Nutters on the way to Antietam National Battle Field, and Chic-Fil-A on the way home. My parents had never had Chic-Fil-A…who was I to stop them from a new experience? I sacrificed myself to eat Chic-Fil-A. In the name of being a good daughter. That’s all.



Lunch-leftover Stuffed Zucchini

Dinner– dinner at friend’s home

And yes, my husband did eat this ice cream tower. All. By. Him. Self. If you’re ever in Sharpesburg, MD stop by Nutter’s-the ice cream’s cheap, good and plentiful. This cone was a medium and cost $2.50.



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