Blueberry-Lemon Jam: Can-It-Forward Day 2016 Recipe Reveal

If you read the post yesterday about our partnership with Ball Canning and Can-If-Forward Day you know that today is Recipe Reveal day.   As I read through  The All New Ball Book of Canning and Preserving, Melon Jam, Blueberry Lemon Jam, Whole Grain Thyme Mustard, Honey Pear Jam, Preserved Lemons or Orange Banana Jam jumped off the pages at me and were my top choices to make for Can-It-Forward Day. BUT…I couldn’t decide so I put it on The Smallwood Parsonage Facebook page and took a poll….Blueberry-Lemon Jam one was a popular one, so I went with it! I’m sure the others I thought about are good too-and I will be sure to make them at a later date-but I’m really glad we chose Blueberry-Lemon Jam. 

I should mention that the book doesn’t just have jam recipes…it has many recipes for many types of food preservation, I just happen to love jams so I’m drawn to those recipes.

I loved the final result of this Blueberry-Lemon recipe. It was just sweet enough, with a hint of sour lemon and so very blueberry. Oh man…do I love blueberries. It’s color is perfectly summer harvest and it’s flavor fresh. I also love that I had the ingredients all ready on hand…lemons, blueberries and sugar.

The directions tell you that the jam will be cooling on the window sill in an hour, and they were right! This recipe contained just a few ingredients, was easy to make, and truly was cooling in under an hour.

I used the four blue Collection Elite jars Ball provided me with and filled three of them with a single recipe, plus a little extra for snacking:). My dad used the other blue jar for drinking a Coke-on-ice after a long morning of working around (my) house…..   In regular size jelly jars this recipe would likely have made between six and nine jars full.

Here’s the recipe from The All New Ball Book of Canning and Preserving-ingredients listed on left, directions on the right and some tricks to help the process. I will wait for three weeks to taste the final final product as the Tricks of the Trade tell me to do, but truly, some needed to be kept out to taste!


Here’s my counter-ready for jam making. Berries, sugar, lemons, jars, juicer, measuring cups, recipe book. Out of the picture are the canner, it’s untensils and pectin.


Kaitlyn crushed the blueberries for me….they are rockin’ this bright green plastic bowl that I use more often than I realized before posting this picture. This spoon is from Romania, made by ladies trying to sustain their families. I have three and use them for everything. DSC_0548

                                 In the stainless steel kettle are the slightly crushed blueberries,                                    sugar and lemon zest and juice.DSC_0552

             The still hot jam is being poured into the jars using my canning spoon and wide               mouth funnel. DSC_0553

Here is the jam before being sealed in the water bath canner. DSC_0554

And here they are-made and canned in about 45 minutes-cooling on the picnic table.DSC_0577

This is the snack jar…only to be eaten by the spoonful! Look at that gorgeous color!DSC_0571

Here is the Blueberry-Lemon Jam still warm on one of my great grandmothers’ serving dishes. The blueberries are lightly crushed, the juice just perfect. Drinkable.

Just plain drinkable.



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