Meal Plan 7/10-7/16

Phew…..this past week was a busy one. Though some super busy weeks are hardly planned at all and our meals and meal times become sporatic and an “each man for himself” type of thing, this week was Vacation Bible School. VBS kind of busy means meal planning was intentional and easy.

Sunday: Kaitlyn and I returned home from summer camp so lunch at Subway it was!

Here is Monday-Friday’s meal plan:

Breakfast this week: Cold cereal or oatmeal, fruit

Lunch this week: PBJs, fruit and cut up veggies

Dinners: I planned dinners for 10-12 people for kiddos and others to eat before VBS started.  Meals included: Easy Weeknight Casserole with Grand Biscuits, Pasta Bake, Hotdogs and chips, BBQ chicken legs with cucumber onion salad and fruit, homemade cheese pizza and cantaloupe.

Friday night was also a VBS closing picnic at the church, so dinner was just hot dogs and chips here at The Parsonage if anyone wanted to eat (Daisy was happy about hot dogs!) before they went over to church.

On Saturday evening we hosted Foreign Light, a ministry team from Eastern Nazarene College for dinner. We had hamburgers and hot dogs, haluski, pasta salad, chips, sweet tea, baked beans, cucumber onion salad , cold sodas and Yuengling Ice Cream with toppings for dessert.

In keeping with our goal of $100.00 per week for groceries two weeks ago I spent $75.00 on groceries and this week I spent about the same amount. It worked well because Kaitlyn and I were at camp and Jeremy and Anna were able to eat what was here (also…some friends took them out to eat). So this past week we were able to use some of last week’s leftover produce and combine it with this week’s needs. Got it? Saturday was the only exception-where I spent extra, but it counts as a ministry expense, rather than our personal groceries.



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