Here’s to 40!

Today I turn 40. At 1:20 I turn 40 to be exact. I got a text from my cousin this morning asking me to ‘take notes’ since she will be turning 40 later this year. Holy Crap. 40 seemed somewhere down the road for a LONG time, until, well, today. Because today I turn 40.

Here are the facts:

My goal to have a book published by my 40th year happened. Choosing Joy was published in February.

Kaitlyn was quizzing me on rock music yesterday..questioning my appreciation of the music. A hardcore rocker, punk-wanna-be mad at my parents when they wouldn’t let me die my hair pink, when I was in my younger days, I was slightly offended that she questioned me and then didn’t totally accept my answer of “Yes, Kaitlyn I still like rock music just not as much as you and Dad.” Although I had just been listening to Southern Gospel and I had a floor length dress on with a bun in my hair. So maybe she’s onto something… worries though…deep inside there’s still a girl who longs for piercings, tats and deafening loud rock concerts….

I have a giant zit on my face…..aren’t these things suppoused to go away the older you get?… and a never-had before cramp in my leg that Kaitlyn told me was there because I was getting old.

We celebrated last night with flowers from Jeremy and chocolate peanut butter ice cream from Turkey Hill becuase….

This afternoon Kaitlyn and I leave for summer camp for five days with a couple hundred of her closest friends. In 90 degree weather. In bunk houses. with 175 elementary children.

I have birthday money in my wallet waiting to be spent on either a) a massage or b) Kohl’s or c) both.

Kaitlyn is taking me to Dunkin Donuts today on the way to camp-her treat- for my birthday.

Jeremy made me breakfast in bed today-blueberry pancakes, fresh strawberries, turkey bacon and tea.

My parents called me from the middle of nowhere Maine-literally….they are ten miles down a dirt road into the woods, after driving a two mile dirt road drive to get to the ten mile road–to say happy birthday at 9 a.m.

I feel more like who I am suppoused to be at 40 then I ever did at 20 or 30 or 35 or 38.

God is good. My family is amazing. Daisy rocks the dog world. I love my home. I am blessed with amazing friends. My church is awesome. My garden is ginourmous (really…you should see the oregano…it’s huge). I love my life. God is good.

I still have laundry to do from our almost 3 weeks away just so I can pack for summer camp. (I need to get on that…) So here’s to a good start to my 40th year!

which I hear is the new 20, so boom…..I may go buy skinny jeans and spike heels just to rock.



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