Every Bride Has Her Day by Janice Thompson-book review

Every Bride Has Her Day by Janice Thompson was a very fun book to read.I haven’t read this author  before. I enjoyed how she wrote it in first point of view. For a book about planning a wedding, it made it very interesting to read.

Here is the summary:

Katie is so excited when Brady James, pro basketball star, proposes. She starts planning the wedding and the rest of her life right away. But so do her friends and relatives.Not even 24 hours into her engagement, and her wedding is getting out of control.

She can’t say no. She just can’t say it. It should be a very easy word to say. No. Just… No. But she can’t…

Katie is overwhelmed, but things start to get worse. The week before her wedding, her hometown (her small, always-getting-along-town where everyone knows everyone and everyone is family) has a fight and is completely split down the middle.

I liked reading this book. It was very cute and fun. I loved the brave theme in this book. In order to have the wedding of her dreams, she had to be brave in telling people no to their ideas. That made the book even more fun.

This book was also really funny. I think I laughed a few times… And  I was smiling all the time reading this.

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