From Field to Jar-Strawberry Jam

The girls and I headed out one morning the week before last to Rohrbach’s Farm Market to pick strawberries. We are down to two jars of strawberry jam from last year and needed to do more while the berries were in season. There is nothing quite like a jar of fresh, homemade strawberry jam. We make a lot of it. Much of it is given away to teachers, neighbors, friends and family, but most of it is kept for ourselves to eat throughout the year.

We picked almost 20 lbs of berries this morning, brought them home and began the process of jamming, canning and freezing.

We ended up with 44 jelly jars full of jam, 16 cups of frozen berries and 2 quarts left over for Strawberry Shortcakes. Which may or may not have been our dinner that night.

They were. They SO were!!! One night of the year…strawberry picking day….we eat Strawberry Shortcakes for dinner.

So yummy.

We water bath process our home canned foods and much of the afternoon was spent over a hot container of boiling water. Come mid-January this jam will be a welcome gift to our mouths.  I haven’t listed the step by step of the canning process (that’ll be for another post), just the pictures from the day.


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