10 Frugal Snack Ideas

Who doesn’t like snacks??? NOT US! I’m defining “frugal” snack as something that can be made, likely with things that are already in the pantry, frig or freezer. Here are some of our favorite go-to snacky snack snackers.

Popcorn-a bag of kernels is pretty inexpensive. Simply put 1/2 tsp cooking or olive oil in a kettle on medium heat on the stove top. Add a few kernels of corn. When they begin to pop add about a cup of kernels. Put a cover on the kettle and shake it every couple of minutes. When the kernel popping slows your popcorn is done. Pour some melted butter over hot kernels and add some salt. A bag of popcorn is a fraction of the cost of microwave popcorn.

Apple Nachos-Using an apple or two from the frig and whatever chocolate you might have in the pantry makes a fun quick snack. Find my recipe here.

Smoothies-Using whatever combination of juice, yogurt and frozen fruit tossed together in a blender adds a nice sweet and cold pickme up at any time of the day. Find my recipe for a breakfast smoothie here. 

Homemade Chips-Find my recipe for potato chips here and my recipe for apple chips here.

Fruit and Chocolate-any kind of fruit dipped in melted chocolate. Check out our Frozen Banana Bites here. 

Yonanas-a frozen dairy-free “ice cream”…made with bananas and frozen fruit from the freezer!

Leftover snacks from parties. We hosted a Church Memorial Day picnic this past Sunday and had pretzels, chips, and cheese left here at the house. I. Heart. Potlucks.

Granola and Yogurt– I’m in love with this granola recipe, but this fall spice recipe is pretty good too!

No Bake Cookies-so easy and yummy!

Cut fruit, veggies and cheese-quick, healthy, easy and can be left on the table for drive-by snacking.

Snack away!






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