Traditional New England Strawberry Shortcake-Recipe

There are three basic ingredients needed for Strawberry Shortcakes– Base (cake, biscuit, shortcake) Strawberries Cream for topping (ice cream, milk, whipped topping, Cool Whip) I’m listing the easiest, tastiest version of Strawberry Shortcake I know…the one I grew up eating straight out of New England. In New England we use biscuits, sugared berries, and Homemade… Read More Traditional New England Strawberry Shortcake-Recipe

Fruit-filled Waffle Cones

Also called Bouquets of Goodness. Also Also called something I found on Pinterest and actually made. AlsoAlso Also called the perfect bridesmaid bouquet-Something to carry down the aisle and a snack too. #runningonthreehoursofsleepandtellingbadjokes You’re welcome. Items needed: 1 Waffle Cone per person 1 large package of Melting Chocolate Fruit Salad–a lot ( I used two… Read More Fruit-filled Waffle Cones