$100.00 Grocery Haul

Our new $100.00 per week grocery budget started today. When school was done for the day the girls and I headed to Bill’s, a local produce market, and stocked up. This massive amount of fruit and vegetables cost only $55 and some change! Included in it are:2 containers of organic spinach;6 Red delicious apples; 4 Kiwi; 2 containers of strawberries; 1 container of bing cherries; 3 bunches bananas; new potatoes, 8 limes, 6 peppers; 1 container raspberries; 2 spaghetti squash; 2 honeydew; 2 cantalope; 2 cucumbers; 1 bunch asparagus; 4 heads of lettuce; 1 pound of fresh ginger; 1 head cauliflower;6 Bartlett pears; 4 Vidalia onions; 4 avocado; 1 pound fresh green beans; 10 nectarines.

I couldn’t decide which picture I liked better, so I’m putting them both here. Also, it should be noted that Kaitlyn wanted to color coordinate the produce…there are a few lemons and oranges in the mix because they “look good, Mom”, but they aren’t part of today’s purchase.:)DSC_0423DSC_0421DSC_0424DSC_0425DSC_0426DSC_0427

The second stop was at Boyer’s-our local grocery chain. I spent $41.14 on the things in the picture below: 2 boxes K-cups of organic coffee, organic milk, butter, one steak, one package ground beef, olive oil, spaghetti sauce, organic coconut oil and 1 Jr. size can of biscuits–this was a SUPER treat…my kids love these and I never buy them, but they’ve asked for them lately and for $1.57 I decided it would be a surprise. DSC_0428

Guess what we had for dinner? Roasted potatoes, roasted green beans, fruit salad, biscuits and Nardelli’s tomato mozzarella salad purchased on our way home from Maine on Monday…we bought it at Nardelli’s in CT.DSC_0432

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