The Magnolia Duchess by Beth White-Book Review

A good book is when it takes a long time for you to stop thinking about it non-stop. That’s what The Magnolia Duchess is. We just came back from a weekend in Maine, and I was thinking about it the whole way. Every song I that was playing on the way somehow reminded me of the book. I’ve never read any of Beth White‘s books before, but can’t wait to read more.

Here’s a summary:

Charlie and Fiona had met years ago in England. But when he washes up on the shore of Navy Cove in America, they go on the adventure of their lives that will test them to their limit. In the middle of the war of 1812.

Charlie almost drowned before washing up on shore. He lost his memory. When he finally gets it back, they find out he is on the opposite side of the war than Fiona. Nobody is happy.

Caught up in the middle of the war, Fiona and Charlie learn to navigate the path between family, loyalty, and love. While Charlie finds God for the first time, Fiona learns to trust him more. They both see him at work through the war, clearing the way for them. He tests them to the point just before they are going to break, but helps them all the way through.

I enjoyed reading this book. It was written in a way that I felt I was in the war, going through the same stuff that the characters are going through. I felt that I went back in time, to the war, and saw first-hand what people went through. I loved this book and the things I learned from it. I stayed up late last night so I could finish it. I couldn’t fall asleep until I knew what happened.

Just like any other book, I loved the way it ended, but didn’t want it to end.


You can purchase The Magnolia Duchess on Amazon.

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