Meal Plan 5/15-5/21


Breakfast-Donuts at Church-seems like they ought to be calorie free on Sundays.

Lunch-Leftover Fish and Chips, coleslaw

Dinner-Family Movie Night!

Movie: Norm of the North Eats: Quesidillas, rice, refried beans, lettuce, chips and salsa


Breakfast-smoothies, sausage (I know, I know…at least they weren’t mixed together)

Lunch-leftovers from Sunday night

Dinner-Pasta with meat sauce, pumpkin soup



Lunch-Wendy’s (Girls and I were away for the day doing school state testing), Jeremy on his own

Dinner-hamburgers, chips, watermelon



Lunch-Fluffernutters or pbj

Dinner-Shepherds’ Pie


Breakfast-fruit and toast, girls; oatmeal, Jeremy

Lunch-Jeremy on his own; Girls- sandwiches, fruit and snacks in car while traveling

Dinner-Jeremy-; Girls-Chop Suey at the ‘rents house


The girls and I were in Maine for my grandmother’s 90th birthday celebration (post coming later this week) and Jeremy had a full weekend between EMT testing and church activities.


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