Breakfast Fruit Smoothie

One way to make good use of leftover fruit is simply to stick it in a  freezer bag (I prefer Ziploc) and use it later in a smoothie.

Jeremy and I have very different ways to make smoothies. He likes his with citrus fruit, bananas and a more sour taste and a boat load of greens. I like mine straight up sweet with some added kale or spinach. No worries…you can’t taste the greens in my smoothies.

A lot of smoothies call for a milk or yogurt base. I just don’t like the texture, so I stick with juice. This morning’s smoothie consisted of orange juice, cranberries, strawberries, kale/spinach mix, and blueberries. Using frozen fruit eliminates the need for added ice.

DSC_0237Add to a blender the following:

2 cups orange juice

12 frozen small strawberries

1 handful frozen bluberries

2 handfuls frozen or fresh kale/spinach mix

1 small handful frozen cranberries

Blend on high until you get the texture you prefer. You may need to add a bit more juice.

Drink it with a fat straw…makes you cool.


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