Wall Art-DIY

Last week I posted this Plexiglass Wall Art-DIY. I completed two paintings that week…this is the other one. There are really no instructions. It just is.

Many of our walls are bare. I tend to like empty space, empty rooms, empty walls, and only like to hang something if it speaks to me. Wall art here at The Parsonage needs to mean something.

I wanted something pretty large for a wall in our Master Bedroom. Digging around in the garage I found a piece of plywood in the garage. With just a cuts to smooth the edges it was pretty much this size: 4 ft by 4 ft. DSC_0069

I picked some colors in the same color family-blues, white and a bit of tan. I find abstract art to be often times my preferred genre of art. It’s free flowing and so relaxing to paint. I had a beach in mind in this painting,but perhaps someone might something different. And that’s the beauty. It’s all in the eye of the beholder.

Jeremy hung this for me using a hanging kit-a simple wire and screw kit.

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