Plexiglass Wall Art-DIY

DSC_0062This  piece isn’t yet hung on the wall. I’m not sure exactly where it will go (plus I don’t yet have the hardware needed for hanging it). I was inspired a few years ago by a friend of a friend who paints on plexiglass. She does really fantastic work. I had in my brain’s Idea Room for some time to do something like this. When I realized we had extra plexiglass in the garage I was on it like white on rice. For a few years we used old doors for the girls’ school desks and had plexiglass tops on them. They no longer use those desks so we had the plexiglass stored in the garage.

I cut a section of the very large desk top piece off with an improper saw which made it jagged on one side, grabbed my acrylics and other supplies and began painting. This piece above is approximately 3 ft by 3 ft.

I chose words and images that are special to us. 1998 was the year Jeremy and I were married. 2001 and 2004 were the years the girls were born. Pennsylvania, Boston and Maine are places we have lived or are currently living. The numbers in the bottom right are our street addresses. We love the outdoors (tree) and several spots in Maine (marked by the dots inside the outline of the state).

*Super important: To make this you need to paint on the backside of the glass. Everything done needs to be done backwards (which is where the dry erase marker comes in). Layering is the key to this kind of painting. Layer and let dry. Layer and let dry. What makes this easy to DIY is that if you mess up simply use glass cleaner and wash it off to start over.

I’m listing below the supplies and steps in case you’d like to do it as well. The beauty of it comes with each one being entirely personalized…handwriting, dates, special scriptures or words, colors-each one is unique to the one making it.


  1.  acrylic paints
  2. paint brushes
  3. glass cleaner and paper towels
  4. dry erase marker
  5. any size plexiglass cut to size


  1. Decide size and design-choose words that mean something to you-a bible verse, a saying, special dates or places.
  2. Wash and dry both sides of plexiglass with glass cleaner and paper towels.
  3. Using the dry erase marker on the front side of the plexiglass begin to draw or write what you envision as the whole. When I did this-the numbers and letters were written first. (If you make a mistake use glass cleaner and wipe dry to redo.)
  4. Flip the plexiglass around so the initial markings are backwards.
  5. Paint them (you’ll be writing backwards)
  6. Let dry.
  7. When the first layer is done drying completely, flip piece back to normal facing position.
  8. Using dry erase marker repeat the process with the second layer of markings.
  9. Flip piece around again, so it’s backwards and paint over markings.
  10. Let dry.
  11. Repeat this process until you have written everything you like.
  12. When dry completely add a final color (in our piece it’s orange) and let dry.
  13. You can smooth out the edges if they are too rough by using the proper saw…thankfully we have a friend with a workshop from heaven and Jeremy was able to borrow his saw for the 30 seconds it took to smooth a couple of rough edges.

Have fun!




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