Everything You’ve Always Wanted To Know.

Well, maybe not, but it’s a catchy title right?

29 Random Things About Us:

  1. Jeremy and I (Chrystal) watch The Office every single night.  We own the series and will sometimes watch the same DVD three nights in a row. We are GINORMOUS fans.
  2. Anna is the only one among us who likes eggplant.
  3. Jeremy is finishing up a course to be an EMT.
  4. Kaitlyn is a music critic in the making.
  5. Daisy once swam after a snorkeler and trampled him in the water. We were mortified and left the beach ASAP.
  6. Daisy likes Dum Dum lollipops.
  7. Anna eats ketchup on vegetables.
  8. We currently have 15 bottles of hot sauce in our refrigerator. That’s after taking a few to the church kitchen and throwing about 10 bottles away.
  9. I find paper work relaxing.
  10. We could eat Dad’s Famous Chicken everyday.
  11. We leave the kids to wander in bookstores and head to the cafe for Starbucks without them. (Parenting 101, folks, Parenting 101.)
  12. We cyber-school.
  13. Anna has a 7ft x 4ft bookcase and no more room for books.
  14. We like PBS documentaries.
  15. Kaitlyn is a green belt in GoJuRu.
  16. We once had a bird get into our house and fly like a maniac only to run directly into the dining room window, knock himself out and land on the floor at our feet.
  17. We once babysat a racing pigeon overnight.
  18. I once placed a pair of Jeremy’s unmentionables on a hanger along with an extra shirt I was taking to a conference. Drove 1.5 hours there leaving the said unmentionables in the window and direct line of sight for any and everyone who walked by our car.
  19. We once camped at a garlic farm in the middle of nowhere with a naked doll tied to a stake. It was creepy with a capital C.
  20. Jeremy sleeps with a fan on every night.
  21. Kaitlyn likes to draw.
  22. Anna’s fave snack is chocolate and bananas.
  23. We can’t get enough hamburgers.
  24. Or Dunkin Donuts.
  25. Daisy likes to sit on our laps.
  26. We like a good party!
  27. Hawk in the Hen House is our favorite game to play after dark with friends.
  28. Anna is a Grammar Nazi.
  29. Jeremy and I once attended a wedding where the Jonas Brothers were also guests. They didn’t know who we were.

We have a fun life. 🙂


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