Three Years Ago

Looking through pictures yesterday reminded me of my solo trip to The Rocky Mountain National Park back in 2013. It also reminded me of so many other significant things that year….

We moved from this house with this backyard…


to this house with this backyard.IMG_0062

The sunset looked like this….IMG_0424And Kaitlyn looked something like this….IMG_0131

We switched from worshipping in this sanctuaryIMG_0008

to this one…IMG_0051

The girls and I met my parents in MA, just north of Boston, so they could take Daisy home and babysit her for a few weeks while we traveled.IMG_0484

On the way home, the girls and I spent a spontaneous two hours in New York City. It was their first time in NYC.  IMG_0686

Just after that day we headed north from our house for a one night ($35!!) in a cabin to celebrate Father’s Day.


We attended our church denomination’s General Assembly-Jeremy was a delegate. Nazarenes from all over the world gather for 10 days for business and worship. IMG_0999

Kaitlyn put together a Mexican themed party for a school project. IMG_0195

I got pied. IMG_1679

Anna and I redid a thrift store dresser for her bedroom.IMG_1549

And we had some Halloween fun in Walmart. IMG_1908

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