Trash Pick Up

We headed out Friday afternoon-Earth Day!-with 12 giant trash bags and gloves to an area near us that we’ve noticed has had a lot of trash collected in it and started collecting. It really is a joy to keep even a little part of the earth clean. (PS-I really did pick up trash too, but someone had to grab some pictures toward the end of our time!:)


Miss Daisy decided to jump out of the car window and join us!


All bags are filled and its time to head back to the dumpster
Frank walked over to give us some rootbeer. I heart rootbeer and I heart thoughtful gestures.  


We found a number of items…a bike, a tv, vcr, deer ribcage and an un-identified skull, cooler, shirt, and bowling shoe to name a few. We also found enough bottles that if I lived in state where I could redeem them I’d have enough to buy a round of ice creams. And I may or may not have accidentally run over the tv we found.


We ended our day with burgers on the grill, mashed potatoes, carrot raisin salad, hot chocolate and cards.

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One comment

  1. If more people would do something on these days “earth day” , “teacher appreciation” “nurse day” instead of just mentioning it, the earth would be a cleaner kinder place. But hey, it starts with one and you got yourself a whole family!


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