20 Earth Friendly Conservation Groups You Can Join today!

As much as we can we like to support groups’ efforts. We can’t always do a lot, but a little here and there from a number of people makes a difference. Since it’s Earth Day and (hopefully) we all have Earth on the mind I’m listing below a number of organizations you can join and/or support easily TODAY! Of course there are a gazillion more options out there and local organizations that I will never know about. A simple google search will lead you to exactly what you are looking for.  Even something as simple as rounding up your total at places like Cabela’s and like minded stores adds up. No matter what organization you might want to support the point is that you do! Have fun searching and Earth on peeps.

Earth Friendly Conservation Groups You Can Join or Donate to Today

*Blessed Earth:Inspiring Faithful Stewardship of All Creation

*Evangelical Environmental Network

National River Cleanup

Adopt a Highway

*National Arbor Day Foundation

*TreeCity USA (part of the Arbor Day Foundation)

*Appalachian Trail Conservancy


*Water of Life: Compassion International

*The Honey Bee Conservancy

*Save Our Monarchs

The Nature Conservancy

*National Park Service


*Hawk Mountain

*Blue Mountain Hiking Club -we’ll be joining asap!

Susquehanna Appalachian Hiking Club

Susquehanna River Clean Up

*PA State Park Service


*Local Farmers-keeps food close, travel/emissions down

*Local Thrift Stores-keeps items out of landfills

*Local Businesses-keeps travel/emissions down

*Did you know you can buy a Green Bible? A bible that highlights all scriptures that relate to the earth? I have one…it’s pretty cool.

*denotes groups we currently or have donated to and support.

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