Earth Day Family Activities

We are headed outdoors tomorrow for a trash clean up and either a hike or garden tending (we haven’t decided yet!) to celebrate Earth Day! We hope you do too!!! Below is a list of 35 things you can do on the spot for Earth Day. Enjoy!

  1. Work on the garden/landscaping
  2. Volunteer at at local farm or orchard
  3. Go for a Hike
  4. Plant a tree or two
  5. Pick up an Earth friendly documentary and watch it as a family
  6. Come up with a family plan to implement over the next year to be more earth friendly (recycle more, less consumption, less energy use, less footprint)
  7. Join a conservation group
  8. Have your organization adopt a highway
  9. Sponsor a River clean up
  10. Walk instead of drive
  11. Cook a meal made with fresh ingredients
  12. Have a picnic
  13. Plan a family day outside with a picnic and earth friendly games
  14. Host a nature scavenger hunt
  15. Turn off all electronics and lights
  16. Get outside!
  17. Read earth friendly scriptures
  18. Plant bee friendly flowers
  19. Plant butterfly friendly flowers
  20. Build a bird house or bat house
  21. Have the kiddos draw posters and research Earth Day Ideas
  22. Carpool
  23. Use recycled products for craft making
  24. Find out your carbon footprint
  25. Sleep outside
  26. Purchase a compost bin (or a small kitchen friendly composter)
  27. Make a rain barrel
  28. Area Trash Clean Up-grab some gloves and a few trash bags and head to the local park, roadside, creek-side and pick up trash.
  29. Go kayaking or canoeing
  30. Spend some time water side and learn about frogs, fish, mud, plants
  31. Begin geocaching 
  32. Learn about the Water Cycle
  33. Drink only water for the day
  34. Have a TV free night!
  35. Make a bird feeder.

Have fun!


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