Quick Steak Tips w/ Mushrooms

‘Cuz it’s good. ‘Cuz it’s easy and quick. ‘Cuz it’s inexpensive. ‘Cuz…yum. Every couple of weeks…or once a month I’ll pick up a pound of steak tips. In our area one pound of steak tips is about 5 dollars, just a tad under that cost. This quick dish (like….15 minutes, 20 tops) can be a meal by itself or added to rice or mashed potatoes, or any kind of salad. With the exception of the tips you might very well have everything else in the kitchen already.


1 tbsp/pat of butter

1 pound steak tips/steak cubes

1 large handful of small mushrooms (does that make sense??) (if you don’t like mushrooms replace them with peppers, asparagus, or spinach)

1 large onion

2 gloves fresh crushed garlic (learn to crush fresh garlic here)

1/8 cup Italian Dressing


  1. To a frying pan add 1 tbsp of butter. Let it melt.
  2. Crush the garlic, add it to the pan.
  3. Chop the onion however you like it chopped, sliced, cubed, diced, triced, wiced, miced….whatever suits your fancy. Add them to the pan.
  4. Slice mushrooms (slice ’em in the direction of the stem…they’re purtier that way). Add them to the pan.
  5. Saute the garlic, onions and mushrooms until the onions are transluscent. Remove from heat.



In the meantime:

  1. Add steak tips and Italian Dressing to another frying pan.
  2. Cook them on medium heat until they are the done-ness you prefer (pink, no pink, light pink, well done, still mooing) (I like mine to begin browning in the pan…yumma)
  3. When the steak tips are finished cooking add the mushroom and onion mixture to the pan. Stir them together and Serve.


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