Artist Reception-Finally posted!

Choosing Joy was released in February….a couple of weeks later Jeremy, the girls and my friend Paula threw a book release party….20-30 friends and church family joined us….we ate cake (lots of cake), we ate food (lots of food)….I read a few excerpts from the book…everyone went home with bookmarks and cookies…..we drank iced tea…. From the chili to the boneless, hot wings to the brownies, veggie platter, and chips (we didn’t get food pics). it. was. perfect. Every bit of it perfect. Here are a few snapshots-

The decor:

There were banners (one burlap and one black/chalkboard type paper) slung across our sliding doors and window. The made perfect end-caps to the party area. There were also book page table runners on both the dining room and kitchen tables. The bouquet above is made from twigs and book pages formed into flowers. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Second, the cake:

It was too pretty to cut. We just wanted to look at it! Jeremy had an edible photo of my book cover placed in the middle of the cake. chocolate and vanilla=yum.

The Favors:

Paula made little Thank You bags of chocolate chip cookies for everyone to take home. They also received bookmarks I ordered to go along with the books. There was also a large poster of my book cover (in the back of the right picture) mounted on foam board, and a box for guests to write and put little notes of encouragement in for me.

The People:

I felt loved and celebrated by each and every person there. What a blessing to have such a community as this.

If you haven’t yet…you can read Our Story and then go ahead and purchase the full story of  Choosing Joy from Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Books-A-Million!


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