twenty years

Can you bring home some Dunkin Donuts and we can have a date night at the dining room table after the girls go to bed? I wrote.

Yes, what do you want? he asked.

Tea. Just tea. I told him. He would know what to order.

An hour or so later, the tea and coffee sat silently on the kitchen table waiting, where he left them when he got home, somewhere around 9:45 p.m. after his EMT class was over, next to the stub of a candle I had lit two hours before. Our date had been moved to the kitchen table because of the amount of school work still residing on the dining room table from the day. Because of my book PR stuff. Because of some retreat materials I have laid out to take with me this weekend on a Women’s Retreat.

Because that’s how this season of life is right now.

You know I was thinking. Doing some math. he said after we’d finally turned lights off and said goodnight prayers, gave goodnight kisses and sat at the table to drink our still warm drinks.


About what?  I asked.

About us. You know it was twenty years ago we started dating. 

Hanging out...I said.

Yeah, hanging out. he agreed. Going for walks along the shore. Riding bikes together.

(And drinking lots of Dunkin Donuts.)

20 years ago and now we’re almost 40. We’ve been together have of our lives. he reminded me.

Yes. Half. I couldn’t believe it…to hear it like that.


We were 19 and 3/4 years old. Adulthood was just beginning to happen. The future was starting to become a reality. Plans were being made but we were just babies.

Chickens…as my grandma says. Just chickens. Young, baby chickens.

Twenty years.

Twenty years ago was the spring of 1996. We sat on a bench outside my dorm and made plans to go into Boston on our first date. Together. Alone.

Twenty years ago we decided we were more than friends.

Twenty years ago began the rest of our lives together.

My, my.

Twenty years later, last night, there we were sitting at our kitchen table that has fed babies their first meals, entertained dozens of Easter Eggs in their pre-colored stages and watched our babies grow along with us.

Twenty years later, we are still highly involved in purchases at Dunkin Donuts.

Twenty years later, a few bumps along the way and a multitude of joys we are still those 19 year olds who went on their first date walking through Boston, and sat next to the Charles River. Now we’re just a little older, a little wiser, a little more experienced.

Last night we laughed, we prayed, we thanked God for the last twenty years and prayed over the next twenty years.

Here’s to the two 19 year old we once were.

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