How to Juice a Lemon

Lemons are so handy in many recipes, and add a bit of flair to drinks. Plus they smell great, clean the garbage disposal, disinfect surfaces and, when mixed with baking soda act as a face scrub. Plus, they’re cheap. Bonus. Getting the most out of a lemon gives you every cent’s worth you spent on it, so why not know how to juice one without using an expensive juicer?

First things first, roll the lemon between your hand and the counter or table, a hard surface, pushing a bit to loosen the membranes inside. This is always produce more juice.

Then…choose one of two ways:

  1. The handy dandy little portable juicer (great for road trips or camping trips by the way). Simply half the lemon and place it on the point. Squeeze and turn until all of the juice has collected in the basin. (I think this gets more juice than the second way I list)




2. By hand. Cut lemon in half. Using one hand to squeeze and the other to act as a filter…catch the seeds and let the juice flow through your fingers.




And then make this awesome Simple Lemonade Recipe!







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