Easter Recap

Sunrise service came at a bright and brisk 6:45 a.m. I, however, was asleep warm and snug in bed.  My kids were up at 6 and my husband was up at 4:30. I have no decent excuse for not participating.

Church arrived at 9:30 and lasted until 12:00. It was blessed service to be a part of.

Sunday afternoon came, the girls dug through their Easter Baskets. Just small tokens of Easter Bunny remnants with useful things like summer clothes and flips and some chocolate. Always chocolate.


Everyone did their own thing for a while, while I cooked Easter Dinner. You can get the full menu here but here’s a quick peek…


It was super tasty. While I cooked the girls hosted an egg hunt for Daisy, with treat filled eggs given to her by The Treat Jar Pet Bakery. She thought it was pretty cool, and once she got the hang of it was opening her eggs with one quick crunch of her jaw. She’s gifted.


She did not want to give up the pink egg!

Anna painted more eggs using dye that a friend gave us, who’s family had sent it to her from Germany. It’s a very pretty pearlesque type glow.


After all of this we retreated to the family room for watching of Open Season Scared Silly and three of the four of us promptly fell asleep. Enough asleep that when we woke up 2  or so hours later, we had to restart the movie and watch it all over again.

We ate dessert.

I called my ‘rents in Maine.

We ate leftovers.

The dog drooled on my foot asking for Pea Salad. Seriously?

Jeremy and K had a music critiquing session for an hour or so.

Anna again retreated to the family room.

Jeremy asked for a reason why he shouldn’t have another piece of Carrot Cake. I told him he had no reason and that he should go for it.

He went for it.

All is well around The Parsonage. We are blessed, we are believers, we rejoice in this day of the Resurrection.

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.  1 Peter 1:3

easter 2016 family pic



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