Easter Dinner

Easter Dinner makes me feel like spring. And spring makes me feel like Easter Dinner should be all things spring. Fresh veggies, grilled something and everything light and refreshing. We don’t eat ham around here. I’m allergic to anything pork related…(weird)…and Jeremy just doesn’t care for it.  So we look elsewhere for our traditionally Ham-ridden meals.

After church we sort of went our own ways…as a family of introverts that’s typical on Sunday’s that we are home. I cook, Jeremy takes a short nap and the girls do whatever 11 and 14 year old girls do after church.

Part of our living simply agenda is to have whole, healthy foods, bought and made inexpensively, but presented like it was a million bucks worthy.  I like that about us.

Onto dinner:

Grilled Chicken, marinated in Italian Dressing


Grilled Asparagus


Smashed Potatoes


Pea Salad (with turkey bacon and thyme)





Always a joker…….


And because it’s Easter….pink salt only makes sense.


Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Drizzle



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