All-Natural Egg Dyes

Easter Egg decorating…one of those fave family traditions. I love Easter Egg Dye Day. There’s no better way to kick off  Spring Break than an afternoon of egg-dying. We used natural dyes from things we had around the house. The colors aren’t as vibrant as the artificial dyes, but I love the soft vintage look they each have. (check out an earlier post on Why We Are A Dye Free Family). The colors take a bit longer to become what you want, and the eggs take a bit longer to soak in the color, but a little extra time around the table watching your kids grow and watching the memories play in your head from 5, 10, 12 years ago….well, that makes the extra time not seem so extra.

Beet juice, coffee, turmeric, kale juice, red purple cabbage juice, cranberries

For the colors:

1. Boiled Veggies: one red/purple cabbage, two beets(cut up), one bag of cranberries, and one large bag of kale. The amount of water for each depends on the depth of color you’d like—enough to dip the eggs in is fine. When all of the veggies  were done cooking, I took the veggies out and we used the liquid.

Purpleish/Blue: Red Cabbage

This photo doesn’t do this color justice. It is a GORGEOUS purple blue color.

Pink: Beets


Pink: Cranberry

I need to redo this next year..I left the berries in and smashed them, not thinking it through that we wouldn’t be able to drain the liquid. It was too mushy, though the color was great.

Greenish/Light Yellow: Kale


2. For the coffee I made a very strong pot of Maxwell House. (funny story…a few years ago we had some fellas working at our house, ripping up carpet and laying a floor. They asked for coffee so I made them some. note….I don’t drink coffee. I have no idea how much coffee grounds to use. I came around the corner and found them dumping half of their coffee into the sink and re-filling their mugs with water to thin down the coffee…)

Brown: Strong Coffee


3. For the tumeric I simply mixed the powder with water and stirred. No need to boil. 


Dark Yellow: Tumeric



To begin:

  1. Hard-boil as many eggs as you like….I think we have 18 or so in here, maybe 24.


2. Set the table…all of the colors, eggs, forks or spoons for dipping eggs (ice cream scoops work best) and muffin tins for resting the eggs while they dry. And a random pair of socks. Just in case you need them. (bottom left)DSC_0774

Muffin tins are perfect to use for egg drying, after they’ve been dyed. DSC_0777

After soaking them in the colors for a while and daring your kids to drink the colors and telling them you’ll give them 20 dollars if they do because you don’t think they actually would but it’s a funny thought and then they do and now you’re out a bunch of money, the eggs are done. And they’re gorgeous. And you’ve made another memory. Or two if your kids drank the juice.






hm…I love Easter for so many reasons.

Also…check out this link from Mrs. Twinkle on a great egg decorating idea! I love this!


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