A Powerful Secret by Kevin Leman & Jeff Nesbit-Book Review

I just finished this book, A Powerful Secret, today. I didn’t really like it. It’s story line was really hard to follow. I don’t have many books that I don’t finish. There is only one other book that I couldn’t finish. I did finish this one, but had to force myself to do it.

Here is a summary:

The Worthingtons are a very big business family. Head of the Worthington Shares, they are billionaires.

When Will Worthingt0n drops out of the Senate race for New York, everybody is surprised. Including his family. There is a reason that he did, but few people know.

Sean Worthington, Will’s younger brother and campaign manager, is confused and angry. After all, he is left to handle the press while Will just walks away without a second glance.

But when a secret is finally brought out, everything in Sean’s world, the people he thought he could count on, comes crashing down on him. He needs to get away, needs to cut off all connections with his family so he can work through it. But back in New York, people start jumping to conclusions.

I thought this book was really confusing to follow. It has a lot of Government Agencies that I don’t get what their purpose is. I don’t feel like it started until almost half way through.

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