Easter Bunnies-Craft

My mom sent me these Easter Bunnies she and a friend made. Cute, right? I can see these filled with some Easter candy and given as little gifts. easter bunny 1

Supplies Needed:
1 small white paper bag per bunny
googly eyes
cotton balls….plain white and colors
pipe cleaners
ribbon  1/4 inch thickness, about 6 inches long
paper punch
pink felt
white fuzzy fabric or white felt for the ears
white card stock for the teeth, outline with black marker
glue gun

For the inside…………Easter grass and candy

The directions are pretty self explanatory…just a couple of things:

  1. Place the face and ears on as shown in the picture.
  2.  Using the whole punch make holes through both layers of the bag in order to string the ribbon through.
  3.  After you’ve put the face and ears on, using scissors, cut the top of the bag into grasslike  textures. Stuff with fake grass and candy.
  4. String the ribbon through the holes and tie the bag closed.                                                                                                                                                      


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