Peeps, man, Peeps

Because I’m not busy this week at ALL and haven’t been entirely subsisting on leftovers from my book release party last weekend (for an awesome post later….)and because I haven’t been doing marketing stuff (also another awesome post) or ANYTHING else life has to offer (there is more than a touch of sarcasm in that sentence) I really have had all kinds of time to do all things¬†Easterish.

Not, said the cool kids from 1994.

Which breaks me because I love Easter and spring and tulips and robins and fresh green grass and fake bunnies and real bunnies and peeps. Not fresh, real alive froggy peepers that we hear in the spring time around here:




….bites of heavenly gooey marshmallowy divine Easter glory. Easter just isn’t Easter without Peeps.

And also Jesus. Easter is also about Jesus.

So far I’m at these painted Mason Jars with a two dollar and fifty cent bunch of daisies stuck in them.

Kaitlyn did most of the work.

I bought the daisies.

But I have been rocking the Pinterest boards late at night looking for some amazing Easter things. Here’s what I’ve found so far…maybe you’ll enjoy them too.

Carrot Shaped bites of heaven


Rice Krispie Easter Cups


This Bunny Wreath

bunny wreath

These Glitter Eggs

glitter eggs

These Easter Colored Pinecones and other totally rad centerpieces

pinecone centerpiece

Some pretty cool centerpieces that I will likely never make but can pretend I will.

water easter

And this Bunny Behind Cake

easter bunnybutt cake


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