Risotto Stuffed Mushrooms

I found a random assortment of foods in the fridge the other day. Pair that with my NEED to figure out how to make risotto (mainly because I’m in love with Olive Garden’s risotto balls appetizer) and these risotto stuffed mushrooms are the result.


6 large mushrooms

3/4 parmesean (how DO you spell that???) cheese


one garlic close

2 cups brown rice

2 tbsp Italian Dressing

2 cups Chicken broth

To Do:

1. De-stem and rinse the mushrooms. Place in a baking dish.

2. Pour Italian Dressing over mushrooms.

3. Roughly chop one large clove of garlic and mushroom stems.

4. Place unhealthy amounts of butter (or 2 tbsp) in frying pan with garlic and musroom stems. Fry until soft.

5. Place 3/4 cup Parm Cheese, 1/2 cups rice and 2 cups chicken broth in frying pan.

6. Mix and cover,letting cook on low-medium until broth is absorbed into rice. About 25 minutes.

7. Stuff mushroom caps and bake in oven at 350 for about 15 minutes.


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