Daisy’s Birthday

baby daisy
This Cherub turns 7 today!

The day started out as usual with me oversleeping. At least this time I have a partial excuse. I was two deep with Benadryl after trying a sinus cleanse from you know where last night and having my brain burn for hours from the salt content of said sinus cleanse and my face swell up and swearing off everything for the entire rest of my life, seeking some form of forgiveness for whatever I did to deserve the punishment I was receiving #endrunonsentence. Needless to say..it was something I’ll never do again.

But today is Daisy’s birthday, and I’m sorta sure she knows it.  I woke to Daisy jumping on the bed with wooden pyramid in her mouth (#homeschoolers), pointy end out, standing over me and staring at me, her entire body wagging.

“Daisy do you need to go out?”

“Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!” She told me.

She met me at the front door with bone in mouth.

While it’s not unusual for Daisy to take toys, shoes, mittens, hats, anything she can fit in her mouth, outside with her, what she did next was unusual. She made her way to the back corner of the herb garden and buried her bone.

All of a sudden Daisy decided to be a dog.

I’ve never, ever (ever) seen her do this before. She has never buried anything. But she buried a bone she’s had for 3 weeks (sent to her in the mail by her Great-Grammie who lives in Maine). Today was the day.

An hour later she went back out to check on it. It was still there, safe and dirty just like she left it. All is right in the world.

I headed off to church and Kaitlyn spent her morning decorating for Daisy’s lunch party, complete with gifts (from her Grammie in Maine), Pupcakes and decorations.

“Mom, why are we having a birthday party for a dog?”

“Because we’re cool. That’s why.”

“That makes sense.”


Daisy’s placesetting


She’s ditching the asparagus. 
Such a slob.


I’ve never met a dog who genuinely likes presents as much as Daisy.



It was over in 10 minutes and Daisy has since taken a 3 hour nap. #dogbirthdayhangover

Silly Daisy                              Serious Daisy

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