Taco Salads

Tuesdays are affectionately known as Taco Tuesday around here. The thing is that any day around here could be Taco Tuesday. Any by Taco Tuesday we simply mean taco salads.

Anything goes in a taco salad. Corn? use it. Tomatoes? use ’em. Cucumbers? All good.

We typically use what you see in the picture below. Ground beef, lettuce, cheese, peppers, onions, tortilla chips and toppings (sour cream, banana peppers, salsa, taco sauce and hot sauce.). Placing all of the ingredients on one cutting board (or platter) cuts down on dishes too. Win. Win. DSC_0273

Everyone builds their own. It’s a user friendly meal.DSC_0275


The Dad-o-nator.DSC_0277

The Un-Salad-Taco-SaladDSC_0279

The Sour-Cream-Makes-Everything-Better SaladDSC_0282

The MomsterDSC_0291

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