Meal Plan 2/21-2/27


Breakfast-Dear Lord, you know my issues with making breakfast on Sunday mornings. Please have mercy on my children and feed them somehow. Amen.

Lunch – sandwiches

Dinner-every man for himself..I was too busy working on book release stuff!


Breakfast-oatmeal, fruit

Lunch– GF pasta

Dinner-baked haddock, brown rice, grean beans


Breakfast-GF pancakes and two attempts at cooking real pork bacon for Kaityln. Both failed, as I don’t normally cook pork bacon. They were both black and uncooked in various places. It was just a taaaaaad smokey in the house.

Lunch-Girls had GF pasta, I had tuna on rice cakes, Jeremy was in clinicals and lunch on his own.

DinnerDad’s Famous Chicken, carrots and dip


Breakfast-GF Waffles

Lunch-bunless hamburgers and tossed salad

DinnerWednesday Night Experience and this and homemade potato chips


Breakfast-GF Waffles

Lunch-Tossed salads

DinnerDad’s Famous Chicken, tossed salad

(we HAD to have chicken again! It’s so good!)


Breakfast-toast w/pb

Lunch- I don’t remember!

Dinner-Venison steaks, green beans, corn



Lunch– Birthday Party

Dinner-Birthday Party

I don’t feel like this week’s meal plan was stellar. With Jeremy taking a class three nights per week along with our regular life, sometimes meals fall short. This was one of those weeks. 

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