Yonana Sundaes

A couple of years ago Jeremy bought me this Yonana machine. Basically, it turns frozen fruit into an ice cream texture, so it’s a healthier dairy free version of ice cream. We buy and freeze fruit in season so we have lots of bananas and strawberries in our freezer. It’s also good with blueberries and cherries.

Friday night Jeremy was out and the girls and I decided to have some Yonana sundaes.

First things first….the toppings. We used a variety of things. There’s maple syrup around there somewhere….not seeing it in the pic though. DSC_0211

Second up is the fruit. Bananas are generally the base, however, if you’re not into bananas you don’t have to use them. Any kind of frozen fruit works. According to Yonana directions allow fruit to thaw for about 15 minutes. This amount of time will let them soften just enough, but not too much for the good ice cream consistency.  For the strawberries, we use the hulls and all. Just throw ’em in there. Peel the bananas though. Otherwise, ew. DSC_0215

Take the banana and put it in the top of the Yonana. I figure about three bananas per person.DSC_0219


Push the fruit down in there…DSC_0222

The it comes out like ice cream!


This one was strawberries and bananas.


This one was bananas with chocolate chips! Add whatever “chunky” things (coconut, chocolate chips, nuts, etc. after the fruit is yonanaed. (is that a word?) In otherwords, don’t put anything but the fruit through the machine. DSC_0228

Mine- strawberries and bananas…topped with coconut and maple syrup. Yumma!


Buy a Yonana here on Amazon.

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