A Sweet Misfortune by Maggie Brendan-book review

Sweet Misfortune

I love reading! I love trying authors that I haven’t read before. A Sweet Misfortune by Maggie Brendan falls into that category. I LOVED it by the end of the first chapter. It’s not a mystery book, like the others I’ve reviewed. But it caught me just like mystery books do. It’s the second book in the series Virtues and Vises of the Old West. This series takes place in the late 1600’s.

Here is a summary:

One day, John McIntyre receives a letter from a friend saying his sister is working as a dance hall girl and asking his help to get her out. That’s the last thing he wants to do, but does it anyway. Little does he know, that one letter will change his life forever.

Rachel Matthew has had a rough two years. All she wants is a way out of her current atmosphere. But she didn’t like it the way that it happened.  One day though, she’ll be thankful for it.

John and Estelle, his grandmother, help Rachel get back on her feet for the next few months.

Throughout this book, the characters learn that God does have a plan for their life… But sometimes it’s not the same plan we have for ourselves. They also learn that greed and possessions aren’t the most important things in the world.

I enjoyed reading this book and didn’t want it to end. But I did love the way it ended!!

I can’t wait for my friends to read it and see what they think! I’m not sure that my Top Ten Favorite Author List exists anymore. I feel like every author I read is on my favorite list of them!


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