Tell Me I’m Not the Only One….

I like big purses. I cannot lie. They come in hand for nearly any and everything you could or would need or want at any given moment.

My big white purse (this white bag) that I think I paid $20.00 for at TJ Max a few years ago is giant.

So for fun…let’s take a look at the state of my purse after church this past Sunday morning.

Eggs. 17 Duck eggs and a bunch of chicken eggs-gifts from church friends.


Cell phoneDSC_0189

my wallet…(MY SIL/MIL gave this to me…I heart it.)DSC_0190


Tea, because why not?


Kaitlyn’s retired white belt (She’s now a green belt! Pictures to come)


Books-journal, bible, date, and the Clive Cussler one I didn’t know was in there. DSC_0195


The keys to the RED church van. Not the WHITE church van. DSC_0198

And all of this.  An old ipod, Jeremy’s post office key that we lost weeks ago, a pedometer that clearly isn’t being used. a few varieties of hand lotion and disinfectant, expired coupons, rolaids, chapstick, my necklace from the morning (that silver thing there underneath the coupons), writing utensils, a hair band, an old insurance card, my knife (that comes in very handy at times) and trash. Trash, people, trash. Oooo, look in the upper rightish almost corner, near the rolaids. See the plastic bag? It’s got a tiny pin in it that says Choose Joy! This is a sample of a pin I am ordering to celebrate the release of my book Choosing Joy. Yay for a new book! Yay for fun pins! NotYay for trash in my purse!DSC_0199

Tell me I’m not the only one with a purse problem……

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