Memory Boxes

A couple of weeks ago Jeremy pulled all of our boxes filled with memorabilia down from the attic. It was time to consolidate and get rid of. We have transformed our “toy nook”-a space underneath our stairs, that was rarely used but very full-into the storage area. This has already saved on time and effort from pulling things out of and putting things into the attic above our garage.

While we already has some totes in use, some of them didn’t have lids. Other boxes were just that..boxes getting worn down and dusty. Other things were just stored in bags.

After Christmas we purchased a bunch of clear square totes from Target. Not being high on the priority list to simplify the attic, they sort of sat around for a few weeks until this month when I could devote a large portion of Saturday afternoon to filling them.

It was hard to get rid of things that long ago we decided we should keep, but wisdom over the years has made us realize that everything doesn’t need to be kept, especially if it’s only going to be kept in the attic collecting dust.

Two things I’ve heard over the years have helped me when considering what things to get rid of. The first is by Dave Ramsey who said: “If everything is important, nothing is important.” The second by a friend, Betsy Kramer, who said: “Don’t leave your kids your mess. Leave them your memories.”


I’m not planning on going anywhere anytime soon, but I like the idea that if I WERE to leave this earth today, my kids would have more memories than mess.

So all of this….


and this….DSC_0237

and this…


turned into 7 totes and two trash bags. When I find that darn picture I’ll post it…for the life of me I can’t locate it…..

Along the way I discovered:

Kaitlyn’s baby picture


A family picture of Jeremy, myself and Anna at about 6 months old, a-formal-dinner-because-our-Christian-college-didn’t-have-proms-or-dances-picture of us in college-engaged but not married and the shoes I wore with my sparkly purple dress. DSC_0214DSC_0216

a picture of yours truly…DSC_0217

and a very tiny bathing suit that once upon a time hugged very chubby legs and water proof diapers. sniff sniff….DSC_0219

some artworkDSC_0223

you know you grew up a church kid when….DSC_0225

Our wedding cake topper with a broken Minnie head.DSC_0228

Jeremy circa 1998 in Montreal on our honeymoon.DSC_0235

ah, look at us.DSC_0242

high school bandDSC_0245

a 2 year old Anna DSC_0260

My dad and dog, Ginger in front of a snow bank near their house in Maine. It really was that big. This will be one of those pictures that gets shown in 50 years when we try to convince our great grand-kids that snow banks really were as high as we said they were. DSC_0252

A shirt a very young Anna made for her sister. DSC_0239

High School Trip…no poker playing, though it sure does appear that way! 😉


A card to Daddy…DSC_0258

from Anna.DSC_0259

College DaysDSC_0240

My dog Ginger that I loved, begged for when I was a Jr. in High School, then left for my parents to raise after I left for college. DSC_0253

and this face…..


There are few things in this world more precious.  Amazing.

Pardon me while I go grab a tissue…..




  1. We have those exact same Bible stories books when I was young. I boxed up pictures and all the kids memorabilia- one for each child. When they reached an unspecified age ( it was different for each of them )and had a home, I wrapped it up and gave it to them a gift- for either Christmas or birthday. I waited to make sure that they were stable (and not in that moving around faze). Now when I stumble across the few little things that are left I immediately give it to them. I do not want them to have to go through my mess and if they choose to throw this stuff away it’s theirs to do so!


  2. Wow, that was a lot of stuff! What a chore to sort through. I scanned all our old photos to keep on the computer, and kept only 2 albums (out of almost 40 years of marriage) of some of the best. I’m glad I did it, because a lot of our oldest pics (especially those we got from family members) were getting brittle and fragile. They won’t keep forever. All material things are subject to decay.

    My daughter does the same with her children’s artwork, which I think it is a great idea. Too bad we didn’t have scanners & computers when ours were small. But it’s a simple way to keep their special creations without taking up a lot of space with boxes! Happy decluttering!


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