Meal Plan 2/15-2/20

Monday-No school! Yay! Sleep in! Yay!

Brunch-Eggs, sausage

Dinner-Roast Beef, potatoes, green beans, applesauce (we love this meal…and what we loved more was that a college friend who happened to be in our area stopped by for dinner and a good long visit…)


Breakfast-smoothie and oatmeal

Lunch-potato puffs and bananas

Dinner-GF pasta and tossed salad


Breakfast-cereal, fruit


Dinner-A Wednesday Night Experience


Breakfast-GF Waffles

Lunch-Tossed Salad, hard boiled eggs

Dinner-Steak Tips, carrots, rice


Breakfast-eggs, sausage

Lunch-chicken salad, fruit salad (and another surprise visit from friends who have just returned to the States after 4 years teaching abroad!)

Dinner- Wendy’s for the girls while out running errands


Breakfast-randomness abounds around here some days…

Lunch-Out with Kaitlyn’s Karate Class

Dinner-Mexican Night at the Millers!

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