Ladies Night Out

Have I mentioned how much I love Valentine’s Day? I love everything about it. Hearts, chocolate, parties, pink. Chocolate.

We (our women’s ministry team) put together a Ladies Night Out Valentine’s Weekend Mini-Retreat last Friday. The plan was to share a meal (everyone brought a covered dish to share, drinks and desserts were provided), enjoy some fellowship, invite a friend or two, relax, eat chocolate, play some fun games (it WAS a Friday night retreat afterall!), and spend a good amount of time studying the book of Joel (Old Testament).

At 5:45 the ladies began arriving for a 6:00 start time.

Here was our schedule:

5:45-Chocolate Fountain and drinks were ready to go.

6:00 p.m.-We enjoyed a 45 minute dinner and dessert time together (aren’t potlucks the best!?)

6:45-7:15ish- Games, games, games (The Great Valentine Candy Pass, Sweethearts of the Bible, Right Left*, Candy Heart Stack, Hershey Kisses*)

7:15-8:30ish-Worship (led by Kaitlyn!) Study on Book of Joel

8:30-9:00- Prayer and Personal Reflection

9:00-Closing Prayer

What a blessed night!



*Lefty’s in Love-a simple game where the group (or tables of groups) pass a small gift left or right depending on the story. I found Lefty’s in Love on Pinterest, but it doesn’t look the link is available for connecting here.

*Hershey Kiss game: Volunteers open as many Hershey Kisses as they can without using their hands!




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