Meal Plan 2/7-2/13


Breakfast: donuts. at. church.

Lunch: egg salad,carrots

Some friends brought over soup and quinoa patties….so yummy!

Dinner: Superbowl goodies with friends


Breakfast: oatmeal, smoothies

Lunch: random things

Dinner: Maple Brie Chicken


Breakfast: GF Waffles

Lunch: GF pasta and sauce

Dinner: Haddock, potatoes, green beans, GF brownies


Breakfast: GF Waffles,smoothies

Lunch: don’t know….

Dinner: A Wednesday Night Experience


Breakfast: eggs, sausage

Lunch: random finds

Dinner: Out to eat


Breakfast: GF pancakes

Lunch: leftovers

Dinner: Ladies Night Out at church, Jeremy on his own


Breakfast: Yogurt, bananas

Lunch: Jeremy: class, Anna and a friend: Youth group outing, Kaitlyn and friend, Chrystal: lunch date

Dinner: Eat what’s in the fridge night: Kielbasa with celery and onions, beans and rice, beets, cupcakes and chicken salad left from Ladies Night Out on Friday night

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