Mom’s Egg Salad-Recipe

I think my mom’s egg salad recipe is the best I’ve had. The trick is a bit of mustard and some garlic and onion powders. All three of those ingredients give them just a bit of flair.


2 hard boiled eggs per person

mustard (any brand you like works)

onion powder

garlic powder


Soapbox begins here:

For the love of every single thing that is holy in this world please,please, please don’t use Miracle Whip. Thank you in advance.

Soapbox is over has been folded up and placed neatly underarm to be carried away for another time. 

To Do:

  1. Peel eggs. Discard shell. (fyi-eggshells are great for gardens and compost piles)

DSC_0270                                 I love pictures of eggs. Aren’t they perfect? So simple.

2. Mash eggs with fork or potato masher until they are like big crumbs.


3. Add 1/4 cup Hellman’s and a drop of mustard.


4. Sprinkle a tad of both onion and garlic powders in egg mixture, one shake’s worth is enough. Mix everything very well.

For a gluten free version use lettuce leaves for a wrap option.

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