Donut Dippers. Muffin Grabbers. Pancake Sliders.

It’s a Donut! It’s a Muffin! It’s a Pancake!

It’s got an identity problem, basically.

Today is National Pancake Day. It’s also Fat Tuesday, Faschnaut Day, Donut Day, Shrove Tuesday, the day before Lent starts. The day before 40 days of (ideally) fasting before Easter. So essentially we should eat a lot of food today….but only if we will fast tomorrow, right?;)

Well, I don’t eat gluten, but we super-like pancakes. Although, my kids would rather have waffles. So I:

Step 1. Buy GF pancake mix.

Step 2. Make the batter. Add copious amounts of chocolate chips or blueberries.

Step 3. Realize you don’t have syrup, so text husband and ask him to run into town to buy syrup.

Step 4. Text him 20 minutes later to see where he is and have him tell you he’s run into a buddy.

Step 5. Secretly will him home asap because you have waffles to eat.

Step 6. Make waffles and hope husband gets home before they get cold.

Step 5. Eat waffles made from pancake batter.

Today, though, I got crafty….I wanted a donut, but only had King Arthur’s GF All purpose baking mix, and had already made pancake batter with it. I decided to make the batter with blueberries and fill my small bundt pan with it. So really it’s a donut muffin pancake cake. Dipped in syrup. Donut Dippers. Muffin Grabbers. Pancake Sliders.

I baked them at 350 degrees F for about 20 minutes. Spread warm butter and dipped it in pure maple syrup-yumma.

The girls ate these chocolate chip GF waffles.







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